Ice Cream Express
Ice Cream Express


We are the Ice Cream Express team and we would like to introduce ourselves:

Robert Brown –Owner/Manager
Robert founded the company several years ago and is always searching for new tasty ice cream products for his customers.

Theresa Brown- Account Receivable/Accounts Payable


Wife of Robert, Theresa is responsible for maintaining the proper accrument of accounts and customers for Ice Cream Express.

Bobbie Brown-Inventory Associate


Daughter to Robert, Bobbie is responsible in assisting with the managenent of Ice Cream Express' inventory and sorting of customer's orders.

Martin Rodriguez – Executive Administartive Assistant

Martin is the direct link between customers and there relationship with Ice Cream Express. Martin assists in facility management and making sure every customer that recieives their orders are satisfied.

Xiomara "Xi" Bones- Sales Representative


Constantly in motion, Xiomara "Xi" Bones, is the versatile and multi-capable sales representative that influences Ice Cream Express' sales to our clients. Bilingual and friendly, Xi, delivers quality service and cares dearly for providing customers with the ice cream and frozen food products provided by our company.

Rakeem "Rock" Hearn-Inventory Specialist


Rakeem "Rock" Hearn is vital in the processing of new items and continually makes sure that the products that leave our warehouse are in the best shape and form. 


Ice Cream Express
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